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I work with the traditional Japanese woodblock print technique - "Mokuhanga". Since childhood I've loved all kinds of art and making creative objects. I have a compulsion to create art objects and speak with my heart and hands with the inherent beauty of materials and images. I also feel very fortunate to benefit from the discoveries made by artisans of the past and the teachers and artists of the present so I can continue making my woodblock prints. I recognise myself as an upholder of tradition in terms of techniques and materials, and strive with each new work to create something original and compelling.


"My art is a response to my inner life of thoughts, emotions and experiences given form in visual language. It’s my way to show and share with the world some of my life experiences. Since an early age I’ve had a compulsion to make things and let them speak for me - sometimes things that can’t be put into words.. to speak with my hands and heart in pictures, make sense of the world, the strangeness, variety and beauty. My ideas and images change and develop often leaving behind what I had previously worked on..."
"My works are all symbolic emotional landscapes and self-portraits in a sense, constructions of new worlds, playful or ironic imaginings for self-healing and sharing, and always I think are good ideas at the time and a challenge for myself to bring these new ideas to fruition."


Recent Project: Ballarat Hakkei - The Eight Beautiful Views of Ballarat

The Eight views at Xiao Xiang is a historic set of landscape paintings from ancient times in China that have inspired poets and artists throughout the centuries in Japan. One famous set of woodblock prints is Omi Hakkei “Eight Views of Omi Province” by Hiroshige. This is the area around Lake Biwa, in the neighbouring province to Kyoto. While living in Kyoto I had aspired to create a modern version that captured both the beauty and also the strangeness and destruction of our modern era. After moving to Ballarat, I began work on the series with the same idea.

sails returning wendaaree 250H

"Sails Returning Wendaaree"

2018 Edition of 15 

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 Recently Completed: "Beyond Raging Waves"

raging waves web800W


2018 Edition 10

Echizen 100% kozo washi

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Mokuhanga is the versatile, eco-friendly and beautiful traditional Japanese water-based woodblock printing technique.

Mokuhanga is the traditional water based printing technique, originating in China and perfected in Japan. A print is created through design, carving blocks for each colour, then printing each colour successively until the print edition is completed. Mokuhanga is the Japanese word for wood block print. The Japanese characters 木版画 are 木 wood, 版 block and 画 picture. In Japan its meaning is the print itself, but in general contemporary use it means both the print and the technique. Mokuhanga is growing in popularity worldwide as learning becomes more accessible to people outside of Japan.

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Learn Mokuhanga - Traditional Japanese Printmaking..

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Karuizawa Mokuhanga School

Now based in Japan in the scenic alpine village of Karuizawa, a little over an hour out of Tokyo, we offer a fantastic mokuhanga residency learning programme.. visit our Karuizawa Mokuhanga School website for more details/

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